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Manchester United interest in Inform Pagaba,   Rakitike is no longer interested in their

According to 'London Evening Standard', Manchester United cut the name of Ivan Rakitich from their list of interests.

The Crossover Midfielder is the important weapon of Ernesto Valverd in the midfield. After signing the signing of Frankie de Jung to Barca, Bresa will leave Rakitich at the end of season. Because in the midfield there are many options in the hands of Barca. And because of his present form and thought.

PSG, Inter Milan is very interested in her. Due to the problem of pagber form and coach under Mourinho, it was thought that Pagba would leave the United. So the interest in United and Rakitiche showed. But the situation has changed now. Pagabo has returned to form, and he is in Old Trafford.

On the other hand, if the PSG player Adrian Roberto comes to Barcelona, ​​then the future of Rakitich will be in jeopardy. But the Croatian midfielder has always said that he wants to stay in Barca.

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