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Goodbye Sidehero,Solari!

Real Madrid on the head of the Tony Crusher side on the head of Karim Benzema and Real Madrid taken lead. Everyone in the realm rejoices, but the diagrams are completely different. Real Madrid Coach Solari came down silently after wining the match. At  end of the match , Real scored 4-1. After the referee's last bamboo straightening dressing room, Solarii did not wait for anyone.His Job status goes on. Solari, who has been there for a few more days after the victory, said that Marka But Solari may know the real news.

Solaris's silly expression against Vaadolis has become clear due to the fact that on Monday, In the 4 'home' match, the rate of the Copa del Rey and the Champions League, the success of Real Madrid, it is not even the solarie's bout in the club. President Florentino Perez kept the conventional trend "intact". Solari, who was dismissed, returned to Real's Hotset, Zinedine Zidane. Naturally the real supporters are fond of the breakthrough. European football has been suffering from 'Zidane' fever since yesterday. News from the BBC, the news of Zidane's return to everywhere. While silently going out of Solari to leave the silence, Realio forgot in the moment, in this season, his 'paraderak'

Is it wrong to give the title of 'side hero' to solaris? When I took the responsibility, the situation of Real Madrid was gone. In the last three seasons, Europeans Real has forgotten to score. After Zidane's departure, Lulétagi was under the responsibility of realizing responsibility for Real Madrid. After 5-1 goals in Barcelona, ​​Lopeztegie left Rafa Benítez, Manuel Pelagini, Antonio Kante, wanted to make a deal with Real, no one agreed. Finally, Solarii had left the job of Jubo Dal. There was no expectation from Solaris to have a fragile fracture.

Solaris really fail? 22 matches, 2 draws, 8 runs in 32 matches. For Real, Real has scored 4 or more goals in his first 4 matches, three times. Real Madrid won the club World Cup. Karim Benzema has found himself under his command. Solaris got Real Real Vinias Juniors and Sergio Regulion, youngsters like Federico Valverd. However, if calculating the title of the title, then Solaris is the only failure. The real last three-year European champion, the team took off from last sixteen. The chances of winning the title are the last, the season of the Champions League game in the coming season, the real tension The result? Solari's departure from the rubble of Real to head raised

It is not something new to the Solaris behind the 'shed' or the pedestrian light. Everyone remembers Zidane's wonderful goal in the 2002 Champions League Final. Remember the Roberto Carlos Cros But from the middle of the month, Carlos could not know the name of the person who passed the ball, many supporters of Reality are very supportive. Solarie extended the passage to the Brazilian left butt. At the end of the match, with the teammates fond of being a European champion, from behind hide.

When he was on the field in Real Madrid, the frenzy was with Luis Fego, Zidane, Ronaldo Limas. Silently, he has done his job in midnight. In the last few months, he was a selfless person who became a coach. Real Madrid will not be affected by his return. Who has ever tears in the side of the paraneshakas But the Real Haral is probably one of its own history, who has always given importance to the club's interest.

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