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Just for this moment, Juventus bought me: Ronaldo

"It was a bit different for us this night, and it has happened. You must have such a mentality in the Champions League." - said Joventas' hat-trick hero Cristiano Ronaldo.

After losing the first leg to 2-0, the Portuguese star scored in two heads and a penalty in the match to leave Atlaco last 16.

"The night was fantastic, not only for the goals, but for the whole team and not for our mentality, this mentality was needed in the Champions League and we were on the right track." - Sky Sports said to Italy, Seren Seren

In the history of the Champions League, Juanvets never could cheat in this way.

"That's exactly what Juwendas bought me, because they bought me for giving them such a magic night, because Atletico is a very tough team, but we are less powerful and we prove that we deserve this win."

"There is nothing to say about the finals right now, now it's time to take the dream forward one step further."

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