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Mancity win with Stunning's hat-trick

Liverpool's draw with Everton returned to Manchester City After winning the 1-0 win over Bournemouth, Mancity went on top of Liverpool.

The Guardian's team kept their position at the top of the field with Wartford on their own. Rahim Stunning has scored hat-trick This resulted in the 3-1 win with Mancity leaving the field.

In the first half, Wertford could not enter the net in the net, Mancit's aggressive attack. But 46 to 59 minutes in the second half - Rahim Sterling appeared in Nightmare for the 13-minute gap in Wertford's defense. He scored a hat-trick in 13 minutes and assured Manassi's win.

Watford coach Xavier Garcia will be playing against the city in the first eleven. Defensive football played in the first half of the match, they stabbed Mancity offensive. Watford's first 45 minutes in front of the city's strongest offensive did not allow Guardiola's team to open the door to the goal of playing the final defensive football.

Sterling scored in the second half with the help of Aguero in 40 seconds of the game. The offside was initially rejected, but after reviewing the decision Manzit presented their first goal to the referee. After 4 minutes, the English striker Sterling scored the scoreline 2-0 with a shot from Mahreaj pass in the box from right to the right.

Mancity lifted the third round of the match 1 minute before the match took an hour to touch the storm. David Silver defeats the defending goalkeeper in a cool thrown box, Sterling At the same time he completed the hat-trick.

Then in the 66th minute entered the ball into the City of Watford City. Mancini scored 4 points ahead of Liverpool at the second place in the 3-1 win.

Guardiola's team's points in 30 matches are now 74. Liverpool at second place after playing one match less. Their point is 70.

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