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Because of the injuries, for a month, outside the field Barcelona forward Usman Dembele.

Barcelona forward Usman Dembele went out of the field for a month because of a match against Leo. Club authorities confirmed this.

Four days ago Rayo Viakone was heard from the match since the match was not fully fit for the next match. The Olympic Games were not held by Leo on 5 o'clock in the night. But in the 70th minute, Kutinoho was dropped as a replacement. At the end of the match, he also scored a goal. Immediately after the goal was feeling pain on the left leg. So he did not celebrate any goal. Yet the game continued till the end.

After the medical examination in the morning, his injuries were confirmed. Now he must be out of the field for almost a month. La Liga will certainly miss the matches with Real Betis, Espanyol, Viarial and Atletico. Even the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League could be missed in Debian.

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